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Well, Hello there! Does your website feel outdated? Or maybe looks old compared to your competitors? I have helped a lot of local business owners dust off their old site and bring it into the modern web design era. But if you’re not familiar with Cape Coral, make sure to check out our beautiful city!

1. Animations & Transitions

You don’t want to over do it with these. Having an interactive site, animations and movement can really make your site stand out. But also over using them can be over bearing or maybe even cheesy. Having just the right amount will greatly improve your use experience though. When I’m talking about animations or transitions I’m referring to:

  • A title or image fading in or sliding in from the left or right while scrolling
  • Hover effects when your mouse cursor goes over objects
  • fading between photos in a image gallery slider
  • preloading and page transitions are animations or effects that initiate when a user navigates from one page to another
  • These create extra attention to detail
  • These help minimize negative effects of load times by covering them up

2. Full Width & Height Web Design

Don’t be afraid of taking up the whole screen, or having some extra space. Let it breathe! Those boxed layout can result in a more outdated look. In todays world with much bigger screens and also responsive designs we can spread it out a bit more. The boxed layouts are just too cramped and not good for your users experience. Always take advantage of full width & height photography. Using sliders with a beautiful high resolution photo and text overlay can really make an impact. But don’t over do it! Keep in mind to not use too many full screen backgrounds, especially on a single page. I find these useful on the Home page, or the beginning of other main pages for a modern web design.

3. Depth

Make sure to add some depth to your page if you can! Parallax features are really a fantastic way to bring your web design to life. It will give it some elegant movement with an alive like feeling. To better explain this, it’s when you have different elements scroll at varying speeds. Such as having a background image scroll slower than the text that is over top of the image. Another option we have is shadows, and box shadows. This allows your content that has borders to feel like its popping off the page and really give it some 3d characteristics. This is once again adding great attention to detail within web design.

4. Mix Up Layout Flows

Nothin says “outdated site” like full pages of some left-aligned text. Let’s chop some stuff up and get a little exciting with your layouts. We need to keep some symmetry and balance in our web design. But it does not need to be perfectly symmetric. When we mix things up like this while going down the page, it keeps our users engaged. It helps to keep their eyes moving back and forth or up and down. We don’t just want one long boring page that is repetitive and monotonous.

5. Typography

It will be very difficult for a user to enjoy your content if its hard to read. Having a wrong color font over another color is a common mistake. This can make it difficult to read or not look appealing. Also choosing a font type that goes well with the idea of your website is important. We wouldn’t want a comical looking font on a serious business that does Dental work. Unless maybe he’s a comedian too… Also trying to choose a few main theme colors, we don’ want to over do it. Or your page will start looking like a box of crayons, or an irritating tye-dye fly. Try to just focus on a few colors that seem to mesh well together.

6. Video Headers

Video Headers are a great way to really add some style to your web design. They say that videos give you a higher percentage for conversion rates. We do want to make sure the quality of the video is HD. We as well would want the hosting service to be able to handle the video. Video headers are an amazing touch, but can also bog down the user experience if its not loading properly.


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