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Jesse Morris

Full Stack Software Engineer | Web Designer | SEO Expert | UI/UX Enthusiast | Cape Coral Local

Hello, how are you? My name is Jesse, I’m a professional Web Designer & Software Engineer with over 10 years of experience being a web designer.

Ever since a young age  I was always fascinated with computers and technology. I was fortunate at 7 years old my parents ordered one of those Dell computers from a catalog we got in the mail, where I believe they had to mail a check in with some boxes checked off. Some weeks later we got our custom dinosaur, or should I say top of the line 100 pound monitor. I would go through every single file and setting and just constantly explore how it worked and was fascinated by the mystery found in every corner. I was basically given the household position of “free tech support” after a while.

But as I got older in high school I started to dabble in HTML and CSS and started my journey at becoming a web designer, although I wont be displaying those in my portfolio I’m sure you could imagine how beautiful my first website was. While attending college I got to a level where I started doing web design for local businesses here in Cape Coral, FL. I’ve also attended Hack Reactor’s Advanced Software Engineering program that had over 1,000 hours of coding in Python and JavaScript.

I’m constantly learning new tech every day and growing my skills as professional web designer. One of my favorite things to do is help other businesses grow their online presence through clean and modern web design and SEO. I’m always available to talk about any needs you may have with your digital presence. Feel free to reach out, don’t be shy. Have a wonderful day!



In web design, software & applications.

Contact me today and lets have a nice chat about your project, I'd love to be your local Cape Coral Web Designer!

Free Web Design ConsultationFree Web Design Consultation

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I always start every project with getting to know you, your company and also your values you’d like to portray. This is an important part of being an efficient web designer I research your specific field of business whether it is construction, hospitality, health, fitness, etc. That way I can build the most effective website for your future and present customers.


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We will prepare by going over any possible websites that you really like the design of. If you didn’t have any ideas in mind I can show you some different modern examples that fall into your category of work. After all, I am your expert web designer and I’m here to help all the way. This way we can make sure you truly love your finished project. We will also decide what pages you need, Home page, About me, Contact, you may need specialized pages or menu depending on your business.

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After I have all of my notes and the content and pages you’d like included I can get started on your web design. I can either use high resolution(HD) stock images that I will supply, that fit your business or I can use images you have had taken of your business. I would suggest hiring a professional if you want to use your own pictures or you may end up with blurry stretched out images on your website. I will give continual updates and send you examples of pages when they are done.

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During development you will receive examples of pages as they are being designed, so we can make revisions on the go if needed. I want to make sure you truly love your finished project. I am a passionate web designer and want to give my clients the best work. Once everything is finished I will deploy your new website with your domain name and everything will be accessible online for you and your customers.

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