Item No. 01

Dealership Admin

Created a unique car dealership admin with a customer UI. Where they are able to create sales records for each salesperson and also create service records unique to the car VIN and mechanic that is working on the service.

Item No. 02


We used JavaScript and React with custom HTML5 and CSS for this project. I added comparison sliders and also parallax features to the homepage to give the web design a clean and modern look for a great customer experience.

Item No. 03


We used Django and Python with PostgreSQL database. I used a poller to fetch the data for the vehicle vin numbers and the salespersons ID’s to create a flawless application for a car dealership to more easily manage their records.

Item No. 04


We used a poller to retrieve the data for employee id’s, vehicle vins, etc. With that data we were able to create sales records forms, service forms for maintenance. So when a form is filled out and submitted all of the correct data is saved together for the dealers records or use.