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01. Research

By taking the time to draw out our web design and create models, determining our SQL in advance it made our project build go smoothly. Designing with principles based on Domain Driven Design to come up with all of the unique pieces for this project. Spent time finding the perfect API that had the best set of data to bring our pages to life.

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02. Design

By using the right API we were able to search for over 100,00 movies, all with unique backdrop images and movie posters to bring a clean modern web app. We were also able to load in a set of the most popular movies into the homepage slider and trailer section, with a different set of movies every time. We incorporated users where they can create a favorites list and share with other users. We also designed this webpage with additional features such as Movie Trivia.

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03. Develop

After spending time designing our web app, we moved to development. We chose to use FastAPI, PostgreSQL and Python for our backend. The frontend stack was created with React, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS and Bootstrap. As well, to keep the development smooth and package all of our requirements, configurations, libraries and dependencies and deploy it as a single package we utilized Docker in development and deployment.

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