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I designed it to be very similar to the Spotify application itself, with a few very small differences you may be able to see if comparing side by side.


Do you need an application built? We can really bring the results! As you can see, we can already re-create some of the best web applications that are out.

Real Power

The power of APIs when creating software is a valuable tool for Software Engineers to get large amounts of data without having to source and create it all yourself. Which could be super time consuming

Spotify Cloned Application

I set off to create a very close in comparison version of the Spotify app that actually works, using the Spotify API. You can actually log in to your Spotify account on the app I created and they look close to identical. I always find it fun, and a fantastic learning experience to really sharpen your skills as a Full Stack Software Engineer. I integrated the Spotify API, while using React and JavaScript to bring everything to life.

created a beautiful web app of spotify. almost an exact replica
designed web app with spotify api integration
spotify clone web application
spotify clone api integration
created a beautiful web app of spotify. almost an exact replica

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