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#1 Perfectly Optimized Articles

The first thing you need to know is that Google doesn’t know what a “Cheesecake” is for instance. – and I mean that. Google is just a robot, its code. It’s never made a Cheesecake or ate one either. But it does have a pretty great reference of what makes a good Cheesecake article. This would be called page one of Google. Essentially Google is comparing your content with the existing content at the top of the Google page to see how you measure up. So we need to reverse engineer our SEO to see what got these people to the top of Google in the first place

#2 Topic Authority

One of the next solid foundations for SEO strategy in 2023 is Topic Authority. Let’s say you want to write an article on “Starting a business”. Now say you were able to get someone famous like Elon Musk to co-author your article. This article would get zero traffic. Unless it was posted on a website, that already has a substantial amount of business content with traffic. This is what we refer to as Topic Authority. So when we start to cover all of the different pieces of a specific topic, Google starts to think “wow this website is an expert”. So in order to achieve this we need to generate a “topic map”. Figure out all of the different articles we should write that relate to each other. Then we need to write these articles out and start interlinking your relevant articles together.

#3 Link Building Plan

Adding on to our pillars in this SEO strategy guide, we should have a game plan to backlink. Don’t listen to all the people who say “backlinking is dead, and it won’t help your rankings”. It’s definitely still a thing and might be the reason that pushes you up to that next spot compared to the other site not using backlinks effectively. If you look at Googles “E-E-A-T”, which is a concept from the Google Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines (QRG).  This stands for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness. Having links and mentions on authoritative sites, is very good for your Search Engine Optimization.


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